1960 Cars show man washing car Havana Habana Cuba

Renting a car for your time in Cuba is certainly a good way to have ultimate flexibility and see the place in style. The good thing about car rental is that you can be a part of the mid-century charm of the country and could choose to rent one of the classic vehicles from the 1950s or 60s that are common on the island. Renting a car, either one of the iconic classic cars for which Cuba is well-known, or a standard rental car, is the best option for those who really want to see as much as possible of the island and intent to travel off the beaten track and visit less well known regions of the country which cannot be reached by public transportation so easily.

Where to Rent a Car in Cuba:

It is most common to pick up your hire car at the airport which is your point of arrival on the island. A wide number of companies are available on the island to rent you a car that is right for you, be that a practical economy car or a classic vehicle that will allow you to tour in style. However, if you would rather not drive away as soon as you arrive in Cuba, you can pick up your rental car later from one of a range of collection points in all the major settlements and at all the main resort areas.

Approximate Cost of Care Hire in Cuba:

As of this writing, you can hire a car in Cuba for around $35 to $50 USD per day. Prices will of course vary depending on the sort of car that you are looking to hire. It should be noted that this is most definitely not the cheapest way to travel on Cuba, but for ease and comfort it is a popular choice and the cost can be kept down if you choose to drive a car from the economy range. If you are travelling in a group, car rental can suddenly become a far more affordable option than it may at first seem.

Tips for Renting a Car and Driving in Cuba:

Before you decide which sort of car to hire, decide which of Cuba's roads you are likely to want to travel and determine the distances you are likely to go. Of course for those driving further, an economy car will use less fuel and a classic car may well be less reliable, which if you only plan to drive a little and your focus is on appearance then you will probably go for the classic. Be sure when renting a car to take all the full insurance that is offered with rental. This is not something that you should skimp on because if you do not have full insurance then you may well find yourself in dire straits if there is an accident. Be warned, though the roads in Cuba are safer than those in many other countries, they can tend to be in poor repair in places and the traffic signs can be terrible.